For Planners

Our service helps to facilitate all phases of your site selection process.


Find Suppliers

Give us your target location(s) to get started. Additionally specify attributes such as brand, chain, amenities and meeting space size to narrow your search.

Our directory includes over 59,000 suppliers in 1,000+ markets worldwide. We curate hotels, restaurants, transportation, entertainment and more.

Results are made available both by list and map, giving you the context that you need to make an informed choice. When you find an interesting supplier, hover to view the information card showing basic supplier information including name, address, meeting space and lodging details. Click on a supplier in the list to visit the expanded profile for that supplier.


Create an RFP

Creating a Request for Proposal (RFP) is simple and easy. Clicking the contact button on a hotel profile starts the process. You can choose to create a new RFP, or add the hotel to an existing RFP.

RFPs contain all the relevant information about your event: basic description, sleeping room block, meeting sessions, recipients and questions. Very few details are required, giving you the flexibility to either keep the request simple or submit a fully detailed document.


Once you are happy with the RFP, submit it to hotels. We handle sending email invitations, automatically notifying sales managers and the hotel lead catcher.

Our messaging features automatically track invitation status and capture automatic (out of office) replies so that you can immediately understand when action is required on your part. 

RFPs can be changed after submission including adding recipients, changing notes and adding users.


Monitor Proposals

Our proposal progress interface gives you an overview of all proposals. In once place, you can see the status for all hotels.

We break out the proposal submission process into 3 stages: invite, draft and submit. For each recipient you can quickly see the status for each of these stages: grey for unavailable, yellow for waiting and green for complete.

Clicking on a status icon gives you information about invitations, editors and the proposal creator for the selected recipient. From this screen you can invite a new person, emails various groups or create the proposal on behalf of the hotel.

Manage Access

RFP access can be granted at various levels: owner, viewer, supplier or client. You control who receives access and how that access is applied. Invite your colleagues, your clients or additional hoteliers.

Suppliers can request access anytime. We capture these requests, then notify you via email. You can choose to grant access and the supplier will be notified immediately. This way anyone who needs access to your RFP can simply ask you directly.


Our user dashboard gives you a single place to see the status of all your RFPs.

View all RFPs in Awaiting Proposals status including the planner, response due date and proposal progress. This gives you the snapshot that you need to understand where to focus your immediate attention.

Draft RFPs are available in a handy list giving you quick access to RFPs that have not been submitted yet.

The RFP list shows all RFPs filtered by your search criteria. Filter by status, time period, your role or search by text.

The activity stream gives you a single list of all activities in the system. Immediately see when a proposal is submitted or an invite has been accepted, among many other things.

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Client RFP Access

Optionally, you can invite clients directly into your RFP. Give clients access to only the minimal RFP details or allow them to see all recipients and proposals.

Because all data is delivered in real-time, your clients have access to the absolute latest information. When proposals are submitted, clients can view and compare immediately.

Online Client Report

The online client report brings together information from our hotel directory and the proposals you have collected. The client report is created automatically and requires no effort on your part.

Summary views include proposals grouped by supplier or city. For each supplier, average sleeping room rate, total cost and food & beverage minimum is available. The detailed view allows you to compare all hotel proposals within one screen.

Each proposal includes high quality photography, hotel details, and a map with local points of interest. Pricing is available in a simple grid.

Detailed cost breakdowns include itemized sleeping, meeting and F&B costs. Sleeping room block includes cost by day and room type. Meeting sessions are listed including proposed meeting rooms and square footage.

Share Client Report

Easily share the client report with your clients by sending an invitation email. A client can forward the invitation to a colleague without contacting you.

You can specify a customized introduction message to your client. Use this to express your thanks or guide the client to a set of recommendations.

All proposal information can be exported to Excel format for offline viewing. This includes pricing, meeting space, hotel details and questions.


Select Finalists

Create a "short list" by marking proposals as a finalist. Finalists can be selected at any point after an RFP is submitted by simply clicking the thumbs up icon for a proposal.

Lists and client reports can be filtered by finalists giving you the ability to filter out the noise and focus on a short list of qualified proposals.


Award a proposal with a single click. When a proposal is awarded, we advance the RFP to Awarded status and mark all proposals accordingly. Your selected proposal is marked as the winner and all other proposal are marked as having lost.

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Record Contract

Contracts are used to track pricing and concessions when the proposal process is complete. Record attrition, cut off date, and comp ratio.

Retail pricing can be recorded to facilitate cost saving & discount reporting.

Record Actuals

Program actuals can be recorded after your event takes place. Record attrition, cut off date, and comp ratio, as well as retail rates.

Actual values are used to create an end-to-end view of the program financials from the proposal phase through the event execution. This forms the basis for cost saving and discount reporting.


Use our reporting features to gain insights regarding awarded RFPs and pending invoices. Breakdowns are available by time period, client, market, hotel chain, hotel brand and hotel. Filter by any or all of these attributes to understand the distribution of your total awarded value and commision value.

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